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If you're interested in aesthetic treatments try out Aesthete Genius on the AppStore. Test out different areas like lips, cheeks, chin, smile lines and tear troughs to choose the treatments that best suit you.

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We understand stepping into aesthetic can be scary. Aesthete Genius was created to give you peace of mind on how natural these results can be. By submitting your photo modifications you can connect with a clinic for a consultation.

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Become a partner with Aesthete Genius. Offer your patients insight into their aesthetic treatments with aesthetic  injectable and skin analysis tracking.Aesthetics is a wholistic approach including skin maintenance.

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The Aesthete Genius Journey

Where we started

Sarah DeLaet

Sarah has been in the aesthetic space for 14 years as nurse injector and successful practice owner, trainer, educator, sales representative, and a high-sought aesthetic industry consultant. Sarah is also a patient.  

The success of Sarah’s clinical practice was based on using an educated and informed approach with her patients. Patients’ response was overwhelming. As a result, Sarah’s practice grew so quickly, that the idea of developing and sharing with other practitioners an app to replicate her patient-educated injectable approach, motivated her to create Aesthete Genius. Sarah’s practice became a testing ground for the Aesthete Genius app. In the comfort of their home, Sarah’s patients could use the app to quickly generate self-img of dermal filler results.  They could also see specific product or device treatment recommendations based on their skin type. Post practitioner treatment, patients can also track results right on the app.

Aesthete Genius  not only educated patients on outcomes but provided a sense of ownership and control of their personalized beauty needs. As a practitioner, it provided Sarah with new referrals and a platform to consult with patients on other products and treatments.

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