Illustrative technology that revolutionizes the aesthetic treatment industry.

Aesthete Genius graphically illustrates aesthetic injection options, allowing patients more control and creating transparency between practitioner and patient on what’s required to replicate results shown in rendered images. Patients can adjust their results in the comfort of their own home, research local clinics and book their consultation when they feel comfortable. The clinic can review the patient’s desired results based on the before & after selections in Aesthete Genius.

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Aesthete Genius provides an illustrative consultation tool for patients that serves as a guide for clinics and creates a higher level of trust, transparency, and consistency for the aesthetic treatment industry.

The goal of Aesthete Genius™ is to create transparency and consistency for the aesthetic treatment industry with innovation; working as an illustrative consultation tool for patients and practitioners.
Sarah DeLaet Founder and CEO, Aesthete Genius

Streamline the consultation process

Aesthete Genius is a virtual consultation tool for aesthetic practices, designed to illustrate realistic results for both patients and clinics. The tool provides selected clinics associated with Aesthete Genius a guided treatment process, shortened consultation times and a seamless process to increase levels of trust between patient and practitioner.

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